Simple Time & Attendance Application

The ACTAtek ID Management Platform provides both the hardware and software features to create simple solutions for Time and Attendance applications. This simple yet powerful client-server time and attendance solution combine the embedded features of the ACTAtek units with the real-time two-way synchronization feature to create a user-friendly web-based application(Access Manager Suite,AMS) that is used by small and large enterprises alike.

  • A simple, user-friendly, web-based Time and Attendance solution
  • Perfect for companies deploying electronic time and attendance for the first time
  • Fulfills HR requirements for user registration and basic awards
  • Comprehensive reports

The following diagram illustrates the way this simple Time and Attendance solution provides a powerful network capable of providing real-time information from many remote sites (franchise chains, retail stores, gas stations, etc.) in a format suitable for immediate action by HF/finance, or interfacing (via AMS SOAP API) to your preferred payroll application.

Using the logging options, in ACTAtek Manager allows the user to view the real-time event logs from remote registered terminals.

All data is copied from the registered ACTAtek units to the ACTAtek Access Manager and made available in many report formats.

Images captured from the optional CMOS camera of the ACTAtek unit, are displayed in the event log. If an employee image was inserted when the employee data was entered, the entered image can be compared directly to the camera image – this is a key benefit of the CMOS camera option when using only a Smartcard Unit.