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Actatek series of biometrics, RFID, IoT solutions

Discover the efficiency and sustainability of Actatek Edge AI IoT solutions, designed for effortless integration into any IT network. These innovative devices offer plug-and-play convenience, utilizing CAT5-6 cables with or without Power Over Ethernet (POE) or seamlessly connecting wirelessly via Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/5G SIM cards. This flexibility not only simplifies the installation process but also significantly reduces the need for extensive cabling, specialized installation expertise, and ongoing on-site maintenance, making Actatek’s solutions a cost-effective choice for modern security needs.

Moreover, Actatek’s commitment to environmental sustainability sets it apart from conventional security systems. By reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 2Kg for every 100 meters of cable not used, Actatek aids businesses in advancing their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives and moving closer to achieving their NetZero 2050 goals.

Actatek’s devices are versatile, capable of operating independently, as part of a client/master setup, or under the management of either on-premise AMS or cloud-based SaaS.AMS server software. This flexibility extends to a broad range of functionalities, including SIP intercom, comprehensive access control, and integrated management of facilities, visitors, workforce, and payroll systems. Uniquely, Actatek devices have the capability to transmit event logs to the AMS or another server securely, even when installed behind a firewall or VPN, ensuring no compromise on data integrity and security.

In contrast to the complex and often opaque cost structures associated with traditional reader/controller systems, Actatek simplifies budgeting for security installations. With Actatek, calculating the cost of your installation is straightforward, requiring only the number of devices and the scope of IoT management needed by the AMS.

By choosing Actatek Edge AI IoT solutions, businesses can enhance their security infrastructure with scalable, sustainable technology that supports global environmental objectives and streamlines operational efficiency.

**Unlock Next-Generation Security with Actatek’s Comprehensive Access Control Solutions**

Actatek presents an advanced suite of access control technologies, designed to meet the versatile security needs of modern enterprises. Our solutions offer a wide range of authentication methods, including:

– Biometric Verification: Opt for our cutting-edge fingerprint and facial recognition technologies for secure, keyless entry. Optional built-in features enhance the flexibility of our systems.

– Card-Based Access: Compatibility with a variety of card technologies, including HID Proximity, HID iClass, Mifare, DesFire, Sony Felica, and EM card among others, ensures a seamless integration into any existing security infrastructure. Optional built-in capabilities allow for further customization.

– Additional Credentials: We cater to specialized needs with long-range UHF options for vehicles and logistics, along with QR and barcode scanning and PIN access. These features are optional and built-in for added convenience.

– Universal Card Reading Modules: Our all-in-one modules are designed to read all 13.56MHz cards, specifically tailored for environments requiring diverse access methods. An upcoming release will expand compatibility to include both 13.56MHz and 125kHz frequencies.

Enhanced User Capacity and Connectivity

Our basic model supports up to 1,000 users, with software upgrades available to accommodate up to 500,000 users, depending on the credentials utilized. Connectivity is simplified with LAN, POE, WiFi, and Sim Card options, ensuring plug-and-play installation across various environments.

State-of-the-Art Cyber Security and Integration Features

Security is paramount, which is why our devices are powered by a secured customized Linux OS, designed to prevent rooting. With Apache Log4j mitigation, TLS 1.3 256-bit encryption, and regular updates, we proactively guard against cyber threats. Integration capabilities are vast, from SIP Intercom and body temperature detection with Temsen, to IP video streaming and compatibility with electronic locks for comprehensive facility management.

Robust Operations and Alarm Systems

Our devices are built to last, boasting an IP 65/IK10 rating for durability in both indoor and outdoor settings. They operate efficiently in standalone mode, both online and offline, with a local database capable of storing up to 500,000 event logs. With support for electronic locks, alarms, alerts, and third-party software integration through SOAP-based APIs, Actatek is your all-encompassing solution for access control.

Simplified Installation and Lifecycle Assurance

Forget the complexity of traditional reader/controller systems. With Actatek, estimating installation costs is straightforward, focusing merely on the number of IoTs and AMS licenses required per device. Plus, our commitment to longevity is clear, with each product generation designed for a minimum 10-year lifecycle and compatibility with previous generations, ensuring over 20 years of reliable service with the AMS software.

Choose Actatek for a scalable, secure, and efficient access control solution that adapts to your evolving security needs.