Introducing ACTAtek:Complete RFID,Biometric,IoT All-in-One Reader Solution

We specialize in leveraging cutting-edge AI and IoT technologies to deliver sustainable, ESG and NetZero 2050 compliant, state-of-the-art ID management solutions. Our systems are open and scalable, designed for access control, people management, and smart city applications.

  • Integrate with third-party applications using secure SOAP/APIs.
  • Scale effortlessly to any number of installations worldwide.
  • Keep current with the latest functions, features, and security updates.

Do Not Settle For Less

At ACTAtek, we’re committed to providing innovative and cutting-edge IoT technology that simplifies security and workforce management. Our user-friendly platform offers multiple credentials and features, including biometrics, RFID, and cloud-based solutions. With ACTAtek, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with a state-of-the-art security system that’s ready for the future.

HR Managers
Utilizing our Biometric Time Attendance, create a simplified payroll for both you and your employees; minimize paper trails and have it saved in multiple servers, whether the cloud or on site.
The Actatek allows for continuous online updates and minimized maintenance. Our software updates not only protect you from new threats but adds a plethora of new features.
Multi-level SOAP API, Google Drive, and Weigand support for integration with existing and future third-party applications.
A unified system that reduces your support expenses and doesn’t require lengthy setup or cabling. We support all major RFID cards in the market, such as MIFARE®, EM, CEPAS, HiD iClass, and HiD Proximity smartcards, allowing you to continue using your existing RFID cards.
Quick and concise time logs that handle your payroll. No more discrepancies between time sheets.
Ensuring your employees’ safety is now more practical than ever. Utilizing our RFID IoT-based Access Control, you can lock down whole sites, make daily accurate roll calls, and minimize security threats.

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Look No Further

Looking for a comprehensive security solution? Our Actatek IoT device provides access control, video surveillance, and time clock features, all in one easy-to-use package. With multiple credentials including fingerprint, facial recognition, QR code, RFID, and more, you can customize your security measures to fit your needs.

Say goodbye to the hassle of integration processes. Our plug-and-play IoT device connects seamlessly to your existing network, and with cloud-based technology, you can easily scale from one device to thousands without any additional equipment or cabling.

Our ID management platform forms the core of an intelligent building, allowing you to manage people and assets with ease. The platform is fully customizable to meet your specific security and facility management needs, including achieving your ESG objectives towards Net Zero.

Our technology is trusted and installed by major companies worldwide, including HSBC, Toyota, and Lufthansa. With the latest encryption technology and online maintenance, you can trust that our IoT devices will keep your facility secure. Upgrade your security and facility management game with Actatek IoT today.

Introducing Actatek IoT – the all-in-one solution for intelligent buildings and businesses!

Our unified platform uses biometrics, RFID, and IoT-first communication to manage access control, time attendance, and visitor and workforce ID management. With multi-factor credentials that include fingerprint, facial recognition, QR codes, PINs, NFC, RFID, and UHF tags, our platform is the brain and platform that handles all operation processes. Plus, with options for on-premise server installation or SaaS cloud application services, TLS 1.3+ 256-bit encryption, and periodic updates, Actatek IoT is a secure and scalable solution that grows with your business.

Workforce Management

A well-managed force equals happy, efficient employees


All-in-One Web-Based Solution from Access Control to Video Surveillance


Handles Multi-Layers shifts, Job-Codes Etc

Case Studies

Worldwide Installations in Fortune 500 Companies, Governments, and Institutions

AMS Global Anti Pass-Back

  1. Person cannot leave the building without an entry record

AMS Anti Pass-Back, Session End & Crowd Capacity Control

  1. Anti pass-back-prevents tail-gating and consecutive entries for one access event.
  2. It can be used to prevent multiple entries by same user for canteen meals.
  3. Limit the number of users to access the canteen by enabling the AMS crowd control function.

Intelligent Parking Management Systems

  1. Unique Identification Code
  2. Cannot be Duplicated
  3. High Security
  4. Automatic
  5. No Batteries

AMS Visitor Management & Multi-Factor Authentication

  1. Register the user by taking a photo and personal details to print a visitor card
  2. Assign multi factor authentication credentials according to Security needs
  3. Facilities & Workforce Access Control and Management
  4. Central and Remote Monitoring