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ACTAtek Access Manager

The ACTAtek Access Manager Suite (ACTAtek AMS) is a web-based server application that offers time attendance and access control reporting and analysis at one centralised database.

With ACTAtek AMS, administrators can generate different kind of reports according to the data captured directly from the ACTAtek terminals or add/delte/edit users data from web-based user management page and then push the updated data to remote ACTAtek devices in real-time.

Demo Username: admin
Demo Password: 1

Combined with its award winning hardware, the ACTAtek AMS is a powerful client/server application that allows you to streamline reporting and HR management or change access control group using your browsers only. The ACTAtek AMS enables the user to generate a variety of Time Attendance and Access Control reports that are calculated automatically by the software to generate a list of reports which includes:

  • Access In/Out Reports
  • Daily Punctuality Reports
  • Absent Reports
  • Late Reports
  • Emergency Fire Safety Roll-Call Reports

In order to help our customers stay healthy,and stay safe,the below are two new functions of AMS introuced under the COVID-19 pandemic period.

  • Healthcare report :The report is generated for contact tracing of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases . (screenshot 1, screenshot#2)
  • Crowd control group:It allows control of number of people in any room, office and whole property. Similarly, supermarkets can limit shoppers in the stores. (screenshot )