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Fingerprint Scanner

Offering keypad PIN (Password), and biometric Fingerprint Authentication options, the ACTAtek FingerPrint unit is used in both security (access control) and workforce management applications.

ACTAtek3 FingerPrint    
  • Embedded Web server for easy access via any browser
  • Encrypted network communication
  • Optional built-in CMOS/Video camera for Video Surveillance( system diagram)
ACTAtek On-line Live Demo ACTAtek -Best of 2009        

ACTAtek Fingerprint only model is based on state of the art 500 dpi Optical Fingerprint Scanning Technology. The Fingerprint only model also supports an optional built-in CMOS/Video camera that can take snapshots of accepted or rejected attempts and store up to 500 photos directly in the ACTAtek database for viewing via the web interface/browser.Also,you can connect ACTAtek Video camera Output to LCD monitor or DVR for all-in-one Video Surveillance solution.