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ACTAtek Agent 2

ACTAtek Agent 2 is primarily used to download the event logs from the remote ACTAtek device in real time and without any hassle. It saves time and administrative efforts in backing up the data from the ACTAtek to a central computer.

  • Easy setup and configuration in minutes.
  • Real Time for transfering  Event Logs.
  • Supports SQL CE , SQL , MySQL ,TEXT/CSV databases
  • Connects to maximum 150 ACTAtek terminals.


ACTAtek Agent2 is a Web based middleware to help poll out the event log data from remote ACTAtek device back to the backend database in real time. This will save time and administrative efforts on backup the data from the ACTAtek to the backend database. The backend database which ACTAtek Agent2 support are MS SQL CE/ SQL /MySQL /TEXT&CSV files. This will enable the 3rd  party software/application to be easily integrated with ACTAtek device in a minute.